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Magical Unicorn Fairy Pastel Rainbow Gown/Corset Medium

Magical Pastel Rainbow Fairy Mermaid Gown

This is for the gown shown in the photos, this is a marked down can custom order in our Fantasy gown category! This will fit a C/D cup, bust 38-42 around, waist 28-32...skirt length for 5;8-5'10". Will include a hoop skirt. Ready to ship!

Brand new style! So pretty....this is a full style skirt with faux ivory silk, a layer of pastel rainbow colored mesh panels, and an overlay of heavy ivory sparkle lace! Scattered flowers, butterflies and irridescent rhinestones!

Photo sample gowns on sale in our In-Stock category! Corset is sweetheart style, with iridescent rhinestone sparkle appliqué at neckline. Optional pastel rainbow mesh arm covering. Bodice has scattered glued rhinestones...sewn on flowers/beads. This is a layered effect with ivory faux silk, strips of pastel rainbow mesh colors under a heavy ivory sparkle lace fabric! Effect is very soft and pretty.

New images by Winterwolfstudios, models Whitney Kelly and Stacey Smith.

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